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Stress Assessment
& Index Report


Stress is one of the most prevalent, serious and undertreated illnesses today. Whether you want to reduce stress or keep it at a manageable level, identifying stress points is essential.

Our comprehensive StressOS Assessment incorporates stress measurement tools and indexes from more than a dozen well-established protocols. Once the is completed, an individual immediately receives our proprietary Personal Stress Index (PSI) Report with his or her PSI Score and StressOS Roadmap for use in stress management and stress reduction.

Organizations who sponsor the Assessment and PSI Report for their associates have the option of receiving an Aggregate Stress Index report and ASI Score for their organization. This report provides an objective pulse for organizations to use in validating compliance and risk management due diligence, vendor results, and corporate culture opportunities.

Every individual’s results are responsibly protected to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

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Stress Reduction &
Resiliency Program


Most of us talk about stress but we aren’t consistent in making changes that help us reduce stress and gain resiliency. StressOS helps people focus on stress management and resiliency all year long. Each person’s program is personally curated and prioritized based on the PSI Score and StressOS Roadmap so we keep good habits happening while working on harder changes in a sequence most beneficial for building and sustaining long-term change.

Our programming includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based modules and exercises designed to help make changes in the way our brains and emotions process experiences. We incorporate coaching techniques and messaging styles that fit with an individual’s personal attitudes, beliefs and interests. Our incentives approach offers flexible choices so everyone can work toward something that is motivating and rewarding.

The full experience journey starts with the StressOS Assessment to set a baseline and starting point. An abbreviated Assessment will be used to measure and report improvement at the end of each year of the program. And, surveys are used throughout the year when individuals wish to check their progress.

Organizations who sponsor the Full Experience Journey for their associates have the option of receiving Aggregate Stress Index (ASI) Score and activity updates throughout the year. They will also experience performance improvements as stress reduction helps: improve personal health, reduce absenteeism and turnover, reduce workplace injuries, reduce healthcare expenses.

Comprehensive Assessment Topics  

Your Health
& Family

Your Job

Support &

Military & First Responder Experiences

Hobbies &

Partial list of topics

Bullying & Harassment

Divorce & Separation

General Health

Mental health

School Experiences

Substance Abuse & Addiction


Career Advancement

Employee Programs



Sexual Harrasment





Job Satisfaction



Social InteractionS



Cooking and Meal Habits

Financial Pressures



Stress Indicators



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